Razer Game Mouse


Therefore, it is important to create a profile without specifying the path to the executable file of the game "EXE" and load the macro only in an empty profile.

way to use software Razer Synapse 3

At the moment we have two proven methods:
  • Start the game on the first computer, and the broadcast will go to the second computer, but on the second computer, connect the Logitech G mouse with scripts and you enjoy game without thinking about anything.
  • The second option is to play through GF Now cloud gaming. The game runs on the server of the GF Now service and the Anti-Cheat sees only the server hardware, and the program and mouse are connected on your PC. The game and Anti-Cheat will never know the use of programs and scripts!
When killing enemies in the game, it is important that your weapon provides maximum accuracy, and your mouse destroys the point you are aiming at with the highest possible accuracy. If you are researching No Recoil Macro or looking better components lua, mgn, amc, xml for software Logitech G, Bloody, Razer that will assist take you one step further in the game, you are in the right place. Get one step ahead of your competitors with top scripts by Recoil-Coder. Our macros help you easily training aiming and increase your game statistics. All this without using a hack and implementation in the game files.
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