Disconnected Server and Core 3 Disabled

If you encounter this problem or it is still waiting for you, know that in the game RUST devices A4tech X7 and Bloody with the installed program Bloody 6/7 not late 7 Version 2019.1129 after some time locations on the server, you get a disconnect with the message: Disconnected: EAC: Blacklisted device: Bloody mouse/A4Tech and for versions of Bloody 7 v2020 or later, you get a silent disabled of Core 3, or rather Anti-Cheat disable macro system.

How do get bypass such blocked?

There are software options on the market. SPOOFING - every 3-4 minutes mouse will spoof, hiding it from EAC and program USB REBOOT of the mouse, imitation of plugged/unplugged USB - elso every 3-4 minutes the mouse restarts. These methods have the main disadvantage-loss of connection with the mouse for a few seconds, what can ruin at an important game moment, but each method supports a hot Spoofing/Reboot in manual mode. These programs may be blocked EAC, stop working, and so on. And will either have it updated or you will be looking for a new one again.
Other options less extreme with which you do not need to control the restart timer, but just enjoy your favorite game, this is the most reliable and mega safely +100500% way to save your expensive RUST account:
  • Start the game on the first computer, and the broadcast will go to the second computer, but on the second computer, connect the Logitech G mouse with scripts and you enjoy game without thinking about anything.
  • The second option is to play through GF Now cloud gaming. The game runs on the server of the GF Now service and the Anti-Cheat sees only the server hardware, and the program and mouse are connected on your PC. The game and Anti-Cheat will never know the use of programs and scripts!
Any of the methods described above have a monetary waste, we do not sell software crawling, and we recommend using non-software method, in addition, this the safest option is to bypass and not have a ban!

In any case, the choice is yours!
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